Call for Papers

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At this time, we invite submissions in the following categories:

  1. Theoretical papers on fundamental psychoanalytic concepts: these submissions should include a brief description of the concept and major controversies around it, as well as a proposed list of speakers and the submitters access to these speakers.
  2. Papers on contemporary social, political, or academic concerns, with similar requirements.
  3. Clinical papers: ideally, these submissions will relate to the cross-theoretical ambition of the conference. Some description of the clinical work and its conceptualization should be included.

Submissions are also welcomed from small groups of people seeking to have their papers presented in sequence, though limitations of time and space may decrease our ability to accept these.

We may be able to accommodate translation from other languages depending on demand and availability of translators.

All submissions should be sent to the conference coordinators, Drs Michael Garfinkle, & Manya Steinkoler at Submissions of abstracts (~250 words) can be made in English, French, or Icelandic and should be submitted as soon as possible and preferably before January 1, 2018. Completed papers should be readable in 12 minutes, must be submitted in advance of the conference, and will be due May 31, 2018.

The call for papers deadline has lapsed and no further papers can be accepted.

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