Harpa is Reykjavík's main concert hall and conference center. It opened in May 2011, having been brought from possible failure to completion by a partnership between private enterprise and the Icelandic people. The building was designed by the Danish architecture firm of Henning Larsen in collaboration with Danish-Icelandic artist Olafur Eliasson. By day, the building shimmers in the Reykjavík harbour and by night its LED lights provide a splash of colour under the North Atlantic sky. In addition to providing meeting space for conference, Harpa is also home to the Iceland Symphony Orchestra and the Icelandic Opera, as well as host to music and other cultural events. Harpa was awarded the prestigious Mies van der Rohe award in 2013. Harpa complies with the highest Icelandic thermal performance standards. Its advanced insulation and air-tight construction make it one ot the greenest conference centers in the world. These elements play a key role in the minimizing energy use for heating and cooling, reducing carbon emissions. More information is available here.